Why Camp is Great

By Oscar Wolfe


Oscar gets ready to board the camp bus with buddy Joe (and a photo bomb by Dad).

Every night I would have nightmares about the same thing. And not just a little, “Oh, well that was an adventure,” nightmares. I mean freaky, wake-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-sweating nightmares. What could cause this type of nightmare? I’m glad you asked. The answer is simple: sleep away camp.

I had always loved day camp—I love being with my friends with just a few rules to stop us from doing whatever we want. (Not that I would do anything bad. Wink;) But with day camp, I was still able to be with my family. I felt extremely pressured to go to sleep away camp because many of my friends were doing it so I felt like I had to. They would always tell me how much I was missing out. I was scared that I would get homesick or that something would go wrong in the camp. It turned out that I was too busy having fun to be homesick. Also, nothing went wrong!

I had such low expectations from the beginning that when it wasn’t bad, it seemed amazing! And camp really was amazing. This summer, I’m going back for three weeks. It probably won’t seem as good as last summer because I have such high expectations. But I know that camp will be good, probably even great. I get to be with my friends who share my culture (I go to a Jewish camp) and I don’t have to listen to my mom tell me to clean my room (the counselors tell you to clean the cabin, but you don’t have to listen!).

One of my other worries last summer was about how I was going to give up my electronics. It was actually very easy. I set them down, and left! It was actually very refreshing. Nobody is obsessed with screens. You actually play outside, and do things instead of becoming a computer zombie!

I can’t wait to go back to camp. See you in three weeks!

P. S. I would like to give a shout out to my amazing parents who did all of the financials of camp.

P.P.S. I’ve got a lot of interviews to post when I get back!

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