Camp Top 10s

By Oscar Wolfe



Hello! I’m finally back from camp! I’ve decided to do two Top 10 lists. One is the 10 best things at camp this year, the other is the Top 10 things I missed about home. Here they are.

Top 10 Best Things at Camp this Year

1. Song Sessions. Definition: a series of depressing songs performed every Friday that never fails to put me to sleep. I like to sleep.

2. Twelve Gates. Twelve Gates (named for the 12 gates of Jerusalem) is a hilarious comedy show put on every Saturday night with the purpose of making fun of every single thing possible.

3. Zumba. Who knew that jumping and moving your booty in interesting ways could be so fun?! Also, if you’re wondering, my favorite zumba song is “Pause” by Pitbull.

4. Ultimate frisbee. Last year I didn’t really try it because I thought that it was boring. I couldn’t have been more wrong. There’s actual technique involved, and constant action.

5. Making new friends. I know saying that sounds cheesy, but it’s actually pretty cool to have people from all around the world in one place.

6. Receiving letters. It’s super nice to get an actual thing that you can hold from your family or friends rather than just an email (not like I’m anti-email), especially when you’re not with them for a long time.

7. The stars. It’s amazing how visible the stars are without all of the air pollution of the city. Because of my love for astrophysics, I really appreciate the stars.

8. Color wars. Basically a bunch of teams screamed at each other and the loudest team won. I got second place with the purple team.

9. Bumper kayaks. A game I invented. You can figure out the rules.

10. Raiding. We snuck into the girls’ cabin. Then they came in. Complete chaos. When we got out, a girl had been bitten by a boy. We didn’t go raiding again.

Top 10 Things I Missed About Home While I Was At Camp

1. Vanilla steamers. Yes. It is true. I have fallen in love with steamed milk with vanilla syrup. You can’t get that at camp.

2. My family. How could I not miss them?

3. Hugs. I wrote my little brother a letter saying, “Right now, I really want to hug your guts out.” And it was true.

4. Privacy. When you live in a cabin with nine other boys, you can guess how this one made it onto the list.

5. Clean laundry. (Thanks, Mom.) At camp, they only do laundry once in three weeks, and they didn’t take our dirty clothes until the last week. By the time they gave it back to us, we had four days left.

6. Warm showers. First we had cold showers. Then we got warm showers. Then we got kicked out of the warm showers and went back to the old cold showers. Then we got new warm showers sometimes but also sometimes had the old cold showers. In the end, I just wanted a good shower like at home.

7. My voice. With all of the screaming at camp it seems that right when I get there my voice decides to leave when it’s needed the most.

8. Quick communication. Even though I enjoy receiving letters, it’s pretty hard when it takes a week for you to tell your parents that you had a fun day.

9. Food. Although the meals at my camp are very good, it’s very frustrating when they serve penne when you wanted angel hair. (I’m joking.) But I missed having control over what I ate (at least, as much control as my mom allows).

10. Electronics. As much as I hate when kids bring their electronics to camp, it’s still hard to go without.

So now to answer the biggest question of all. I loved it.

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