Malala: Kids Can Make a Difference

By Oscar Wolfe
Malala at Target Center

I just listened to Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai doing a speech at Target Center in Minneapolis. She spoke about how all girls—all children—deserve an education. But what stuck with me was this question that she asked: Why don’t we just be nice to each other? That’s a good question. If my little brother steals my cookie, why can’t I just say, “It’s okay.” Why do we get so upset about little things like my (delicious) cookie? Malala was shot in the head and now she can’t even return to her own home in Pakistan because she wanted an education. If she can stay positive after all that, then I think that we can deal with our lost cookies.

Also, when she was addressing the kids in the room, she said that she started a blog when she was 11 years old. If you don’t know, I’m 11. So in that moment I really felt inspired. Malala, who is now 19, has already become this international symbol of peace, and she started the same way I am. So that was a really cool connection.

In my first essay on this blog I said that all of the little kind things you do matter. Malala said something almost exactly the same: “Whatever you do, even if you think it looks small, it really matters.” Malala has inspired me, and I hope she will inspire you to make a difference in whatever you do.

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