How To Thrift Shop Like a VIP

By Oscar Wolfe
Getting styled by Arc’s Value Village Thrift Stylist Michelle Raven.

When Arc’s Value Village asked me if I wanted to go shopping with their personal stylists, I gave them a kind of a weirded out yes. I mean, it’s a thrift store, and the only time I had shopped there was for a Halloween costume. But I did a bit of research and found out that Arc’s is a non-profit, and they donate money to help people with disabilities, which surprised me because I guess that I just assumed that they were just a cheap thrift shop. I like the idea that the money I spend there does more than help me look good, it helps others in need.

Before my appointment I had to fill out a form about my sizes and style. When I got there, Michelle, my stylist for the day, walked us over to the back of the store. Then she undid the curtains on a rack. She had picked out a whole wardrobe specially fit for me to try on! There were Converse sneakers that looked brand new, cool button downs, which I love, from Old Navy and Abercrombie, hoodies, and Levi’s in perfect condition for like three dollars! With every outfit, I would do my SWAP (Sexy Walk and Pose). Overall, it was fun, way less expensive than the mall, and great way to go back to school shopping.

Here are some of the outfits Michelle put together for me. Not one item cost more than $12—most were under $5!

Three layers of black, red and gray. Overall Greatness: Good
Preppy. Overall Greatness: Pretty good
Blue stripes, gray slim pants. Overall Greatness: Great
Going goth. Overall Greatness: Super great!
That Is Great!

A kid's take on stuff that is great.

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