Logan Loves His New Heart

By Oscar Wolfe

As one of my first posts, I interviewed my friend, Logan Bushaw, shortly before his heart transplant. I just realized how casually I’ve been using the term “heart transplant,” but let me just say this: a heart transplant is not a casual ordeal! But you’d probably rather hear about it from Logan, who actually went through it. I’ll get to that in a minute.

Logan had his transplant in July, 2016. There were a few ups and downs, like when his body started to reject the new heart. But now he’s doing great—playing basketball, running around with friends, and his lips aren’t blue anymore. I talked to his mom, Natalie, and she said that Logan is even doing better in school because his new heart is able to get more oxygen to his brain.

Logan and Natalie have decided to start a charity called Logan Loves. Since Logan has spent so much time in the hospital, he wants to make other kids’ hospital experiences better and more fun. Last weekend, I went to their first-ever Logan Loves event at the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital. It was basketball-themed, with food, games and a screening of the movie Space Jam.

Anyway, I asked him a few questions about how it’s going. Good luck, Logan!

How do you feel now that you’ve had a heart transplant?
I feel a lot better. I feel like I can do more. I can interact more now with my friends. And now that I’ve had my time in the hospital, I want to try and help others have it be a lot better and not super sad.

What happened with your heart transplant?
So I went to Saint Louis Children’s Hospital for a heart transplant check-up. I got a really bad rash. Then we finally got to go home after being there a week longer than expected. And then a month later, I got the call, got my heart transplant, woke up in three days, and was out of the hospital in eight days. So really I was really, really, extremely fortunate with that. And I hope people who have to have stuff like that have a really good and safe recovery.

What are you doing with Logan Loves right now?
I start fundraisers and I raise money to help hold events to give kids in the hospital comforting things and a good time.

What do you see for the future of Logan Loves?
I think it’s going to grow a lot. I think it’s going to really have an impact on kids in the hospital.

Now that you’ve been through a transplant, what advice would you have for someone going through something similar?
Just stay positive, always look on the bright side, and just trust in God, he will get you through it no matter what.

Visit Logan Loves to learn more and make a donation. 

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