Great Survey: Should Kids Get Allowance?

By Oscar Wolfe

I’ve been getting allowance for a couple of years. I fought hard for it. Now, my parents are re-thinking allowance and they’re three weeks behind. I think kids should get allowance because it teaches us how to deal with money so that we won’t have to start learning from nothing when it becomes a necessary part of our life. If we learn to budget our own money now, then we won’t make rookie mistakes when it really matters. But enough with my opinion, on to the survey.

I asked kids ages 11-13:

Do you think kids should get allowance, and why?

Yes, I do think kids should get an allowance. If the parents decided to give them an allowance, it might depend on how they earn the money. So if they did the dishes, maybe they would get a dollar. But it all depends on what they are doing to earn the money and how much the parent thinks they need. I think the kids should use their allowance on important things like books, notebooks, maybe drawing utensils, etc. —Maya (12)

Yes, I do think kids should get an allowance because it is a good way for kids to make and manage money while getting work done around the house. They should get $5-$10. I do get an allowance. I get paid $10 to do my chores. Some of my friends get paid $7, but it really depends if the parents can afford an allowance and what the kid is doing. I think kids should save their allowance. I saved my allowance and bought my phone with it. But kids should save their allowance to buy something they really want or love. —Emilia (11)

No, because kids should get used to working and not receiving anything back. And your parents don’t need to pay their hard earned money to you if they’re already paying for your clothes, your food, and your house.—Yirga (11)

Yes. Kids should get an allowance as long as they don’t take advantage of it. Allowance is something that should be given to kids who help out and deserve to get paid, similar to working at a job. Allowance isn’t the kind of thing that should just be handed out because it is an expected thing. Kids deserve it when they earn it and are able to put it to good use. I think they should use it on things like buying food when you are out without a grownup, but since the allowance should be earned in exchange for hard work, buying other things like clothes and other unnecessary things is okay because as long as the money is not overspent to the extent where it is constantly running out, it is okay for kids to determine what they are spending money on, due to the money being theirs. — Daryn (13)


Yes, because kids are going to have to learn to use money once in awhile. They should have an allowance so they will stop bugging their parents for stuff. Also, they should have allowance to work for money. They should get $5 a week because you don’t want to overprice it or give them like $10 a week. And $5 or $4 would be a good price, I think. They should use it on clothing so their parents don’t have to pay for clothes anymore. —Jasmine (12)

Yes. As kids grow older into preteens to teens, they tend to go off with friends more, which means they would use money up faster than they can earn from birthdays and the such. That’s where allowance comes in! The money should be for doing your part around the house, like chores. I think kids should earn 10 bucks a week. I think this because it seems a fair salary for one kid each week. They will get to save more money for things they want. If your parents won’t buy something big for you, you should save up to get it. They could also save the money for a charity. It never hurts to throw in a tip for someone in need. This includes all animals. —James (12)

Yes, because if they go out with their friends or just go to a store they should have a little spending money. Also so that they won’t keep on asking you for money constantly, they’ll just have weekly money earned. I would say $7 a week because it’s not too much or not enough. Also it’s about in the price range for a kid to buy something reasonable. But to earn the money/allowance they should do certain chores so they know that if you work hard you’ll eventually get rewarded somehow. Most people would say to spend “only on stuff you will actually use,” but I would say spend it on whatever you want because if they spend it on junk and waste their money, then keep asking for money I would tell them “too bad,” it’s their money now and it teaches them when they grow up to not waste their money on things they don’t need. Although it would be money not well spent, it would be a lesson well spent. —Aidan (11)

Yes because allowance teaches children the importance of saving and spending money. Saving and spending money is an important responsibility. I believe children should practice it at a young age so it’s not a challenge as an adult. They should get $5-$10 a week. But some factors that should play into this is how old the child is and how willing they are to do chores to earn allowance. They should spend on anything they want and that their parents approve on. Kids shouldn’t have a limit on what they can and can’t buy. If they worked hard to earn enough money to buy what they want, they deserve to buy what they wish, with their parents approval. —Bridgette (12)

We want your opinion, kids and parents! Do you think kids should get allowance? How does it work in your family?  


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