5 Great Things About the End of the School Year

By Oscar Wolfe

I can’t believe that another year of school has gone by! Just like that, it’s almost summer! The end of this year is a big one for me because next year I’ll be moving on to 7th grade in junior high. This has been my last year of elementary school. I would describe the situation as bittersweet. Here’s a list of the sweeter parts of the end of the school year/beginning of summer:

There are no more deadlines.

During the school year, things can get super stressful because of all the deadlines. The second the school year ends, it’s like this huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. After spending nine months desperately trying to get everything done, it’s very nice to just be able to relax.

There’s far more free time.

During the school year, there’s not much time for the things that I want to do outside of school, largely due to the constant deadlines and assignments of school. When summer starts, I’ve got a ton of time to do whatever I feel like doing.

Teachers get relaxed at the end of the school year.

During the school year, most teachers push you past your boundaries. They assign tons of homework with no mercy. But then, with about two weeks left of school, that all changes. Suddenly, the teachers just stop assigning homework. All they do is play games with you and let you play outside.

New friends.

As much as I like my friends during the school year, it is nice to meet other friends when summer starts. During the school year, you are pretty much with the same people every day. But when summer begins, it becomes easier to branch out to more people.


Camps are also a great thing about summer. In my opinion, camps are pretty much just a relaxed version of school. Thanks to camps, I still have something to do during all of my free time. But, even though it takes up so much time, it doesn’t put me under any stress or deadlines.


What are you doing this summer? Share all your great plans!

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