Five Great Things About My Dad

By Oscar Wolfe

As we all know, Father’s Day is this weekend. So, in honor of our dads, here are my favorite things about dads. Specifically, mine.

1. He shows me inappropriate movies when Mom is away.

My mom is not the person that’s going to show me any edgy movies. My dad on the other hand, thinks that I should watch everything that he watched as a kid. Let’s just say that Dutch and Monty Python probably don’t pass today’s parental standards.

2. He wrestles with me.

Every once in awhile, I just want to crush something. He is (almost) always willing to wrestle with me. It also helps that he wrestled in college. He also helps me with actual wrestling on my team.

3. He secretly plays multiplayer games on his phone with me.

It’s not like I’m obsessed with apps, but I certainly play my fair share of my multiplayer games. But, I hate to play alone. So, my dad is always in my clan, or whatever that particular game calls it. (Mom, please pretend that you didn’t read this part.)

4. He brings me all sorts of cool things and books.

My dad has always been a collector of everything. I inherited that trait. He’s let me borrow his old science and philosophy books (I love that stuff), look at his coin collection and more. He also sold me his necklace with mercury in it. (Note: Although he lets me borrow and look at his stuff, he rarely lets me keep it.)

5. Every once in awhile, he’s able to change my mom’s decisions.

My household is set up like a monarchy with my mom as the queen. My brother and I are just peasants. My dad is like a powerful advisor. So, when I really want something that my mom just doesn’t care about or understand (like rare coins), my dad is there for me.

Thank you Dad. And to all the dads of the world, Happy Father’s Day!

What’s great about your dad? We’d love to hear! 


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