The Great Summer Dilemma

By Oscar Wolfe

During the school year, I’m always waiting for the summer. During the summer, I’m always waiting for the school year. As they say, the grass is always greener on the other side.

When I’m in school, it’s just nonstop work. School work, homework, band practice, sports, theater, and other activities. All I can think about during those busy days is how much I would love a few days where I wouldn’t have to do anything. Obviously, I think about summer. However, when I actually get to summer, all that I want is something to do, just like in the school year. Don’t get me wrong, I love the weather, days at the pool, getting to go out and eat pizza on a patio, and hanging out with friends I don’t see during the school year. This year, I was finally old enough to become a little league umpire and make some money, which was great, but the season is already over.

What ends up happening every summer is I have so much free time that I get bored with the lack of work.

So I’ve come to a dilemma. When I have no work, I actually want some work. But when I get my constant work, I long for the times of no work.

What I try to do in the summer is to make work. If I see something interesting, I research it and turn it into a project. Like, translating the entire U.S. Constitution into modern English so that it can be read and understood by everyone. I know that sounds kinda nerdy, but it totally pays off. Reading works too!

What do you love about summer? And what do you miss about the school year? Please share!

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