25 Great Things For Kids to Do at Mall of America

By Oscar Wolfe

I end up being at the Mall of America a lot more than most people because: 1. I live in Minnesota; and 2. My mom often does stuff about them, being a fashion editor and all. In honor of the Mall of America’s 25th anniversary, I have decided to do the Top 25 best things to do at the MOA. That includes restaurants, shops, and experiences.


1. Nickelodeon Universe is an enormous indoor amusement park. Includes tons of little kid rides, a huge ferris wheel, the longest indoor zip line in North America, and thrill rides. I love the crazy lurches and drops, especially on SpongeBob SquarePants Rock Bottom Plunge.

2. Smaaash is an arcade. But unlike most arcades, Smaaash specializes in virtual reality games. I personally love the game Vertigo. They also have really great go-karting.

3. Fly Over America is basically a simulation of flying over some of the most beautiful parts of America. It’s extremely realistic.


4. Hot Lunch is a giant string sculpture by the artist HOT TEA, located in the North Wing. It is one of the most awesome pieces of art that I have ever seen. (On display through October, 2017.)

5. Sea Life Mall of America is a giant aquarium experience located under the mall. Feeding and petting a stingray is super weird, but definitely great.

6. Moose Mountain Adventure Golf is an 18 hole mini golf course right above Nickelodeon Universe. It’s really fun. In fact, I had a birthday party there.

7. Amazing Mirror Maze is the most confusing room that I’ve ever been in. As the name suggests, it is an amazing mirror maze.


8. Hard Rock Cafe has all sorts of amazing things relating to music on display. It is a great place to eat if you want a fun themed restaurant.

9. Piada Italian Street Food is an Italian fast food restaurant. They sell mainly pasta. I highly suggest the parmesan sticks.

10. Cold Stone Creamery has delicious ice cream. There’s not much to say about it but trust me, it’s great.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

11. The Magic Pan Crepe Stand has crepes galore. It’s great for a quick dessert, or a full on meal. Or, my favorite: dessert as a meal!

12. Shake Shack has the typical burgers and stuff like that. But if you ask me, what sets it apart is its delicious shakes, hence the name.

13. Sencha Tea Bar makes bubble tea. My personal favorite is the watermelon tea with the green apple jellies. The drinks are all great, however, the wait is often very long.

14. Tiger Sushi is your normal sushi place. But it’s sushi and it tastes good. And it makes your parents happy when you eat something other than mac and cheese, so, it’s on the list.


15. The LEGO Store obviously has lots of Legos. It also has an area where you can make whatever you want. And it has the biggest Lego robot in the world.

16. Bath & Body Works is easily the best smelling shop in the MOA. They have all types of soaps and perfumes.

17. Games By James has every game you can think of. Card games, board games, and games that don’t fit into any category at all.

18. The Disney Store has Disney everything. Disney dolls, Disney toys, and Disney videos and music playing at all times. Sometimes I just chill out there and watch some animated Disney princess movies.

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19. Tomodachi sells cool collectible anime figurines and candy you can’t find anywhere else. I love the Japanese sodas.

20. Air Traffic is what most people would consider a total nerd hangout. But, it’s still fun and filled with all sorts of cool gimmicks. They also sell games, fidgets, and more.

21. Zara is a typical clothing store. But for some reason I’ve always prefered Zara clothes to other places like it.

22. Apple is one of the most boring stores ever… until you realize that they always have devices out to play on for free.

23. It’Sugar is a big, colorful store filled with every sweet you could ever imagine. It’s like all of Willy Wonka put into one room.

24. Nordstrom kids shoe department has shoes of course, but it also has free balloons. Never underestimate a free balloon. You don’t even have to buy anything to request a balloon. I like to kick the balloon as I walk through the mall or have balloon wars with my brother, but then we sometimes get our balloons taken away.

25. Nordstrom Rack has everything that the normal Nordstrom has, but cheaper.

Overall I think that everyone should visit the Mall of America if they have the chance. It’s a great place. Happy birthday, MOA!

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