I’ll Always Remember the Solar Eclipse

By Oscar Wolfe

I love science. Especially space. So when I heard about the eclipse, I was going crazy with excitement. However, even though I was excited, I did not think about getting the proper eclipse glasses. It was the day before the eclipse when I started freaking out. But then a thought struck me, why do I even need the glasses? What makes the eclipse so dangerous?

After doing some research, I found the answer. It’s not that the sun changes. The moon doesn’t change either. We do. When we normally look at the sun, we squint because it’s so bright. When an eclipse happens, we don’t squint because it’s not as bright as it normally is. However, the light can still damage your eyes. The light can also surprise you. Since your retinas don’t have pain receptors, by the time you realize your mistake, it will be too late.

Anyway, my mom looked around, and was finally able to find a place where they might have glasses, the Science Museum of Minnesota. We got to the museum super early on the day of the eclipse. They told us that the glasses would be handed out at 11:45. My brother and I strategically positioned ourselves. I was in the line. And he was ready to barge in in case things got crazy. And then, 11:45. Madness. Elbows all over. Hands flying at glasses. And glasses quickly going away.

Once I was able to get back to my brother, he had two pairs of glasses in his hands. Thank goodness! When the actual eclipse started, it was truly unbelievable. I kept watching it until every eclipse watcher’s worst nightmare arrived, clouds. The clouds completely blocked out the sun except for a few second here and there when it would peek out.

At last, it was 1:07. Maximum. It was amazing. Right on cue, the eclipse came out so that everyone could see it at it’s most stunning stage. This experience has only encouraged me more to keep pursuing science. And I know that I’m not the only kid that feels that way. The eclipse is something that I will never forget.

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