Top 5 Changes from Elementary School to Junior High

By Oscar Wolfe

Now that I’m in seventh grade, I’ve moved from elementary school to junior high school. It’s much busier and there are some pretty enormous changes. Here’s a list that I’ve put together of the biggest changes that I’ve faced in this transition.

1. The time difference is devastating.

I have to wake up two hours earlier now that I’m in junior high. I catch the bus at 7:06 a.m., which gets me to school at around 7:20. I then have a bit of time until school starts at 7:47. I’m trying to move my bedtime earlier, but I can’t seem to go to sleep without reading for about an hour past the time my mom tells me “lights out!” I’m feeling the consequences.

2. I now have to constantly move during the day.

In elementary school, I would spend the majority of the day in one or two classrooms. Now I’m in at least four per day, and I love the variety in subjects and teachers. It’s fun to see different kids throughout the day, too.

3. I have more extracurricular opportunities.

In elementary school, I would get very bored at some points because school didn’t offer a lot of things other than… well… school. Now I have tons of options to do before and after school. Currently, I’m doing cross country.

4. The kids are way bigger.

I’ve never been a big kid. But in my last year at elementary school, I was still in the oldest grade, so I felt relatively big. But now that I’m in the youngest grade again, I’m back to being the tiny one. I’ve learned to be very aggressive in passing time.

5. I have more academic opportunities.

In elementary school, kids aren’t really trusted to make decisions about their own learning. But now I can choose many different courses and how hard I want each course to be.

Change can be hard, but it definitely pays off! What are some of the biggest changes you’ve faced so far this school year?

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