Poetry: A Constructive Way to Deal With Anger

By Oscar Wolfe

Recently I was at a party where some kids got really rowdy. They were clearly crossing the line. While it was many of the kids, it was not all of us. I was part of the innocent group. One of the people that worked at the place of the party was understandably upset. However, she made a mistake that was not justified in any way. I was talking to a few other kids who hadn’t done anything, when this particular employee walked up to us. She suddenly started screaming at us. “I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL YOU KIDS HAVE BEEN!” I was stunned at her gross generalization that every single kid and teen there was an inconsiderate, rowdy, senseless creature. I simply responded by saying that I didn’t do anything, which was of course 100% true. She then responded by saying, “I DON’T NEED TO BE RIDICULED! DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE???!!!” I was so stunned that I couldn’t even respond. There was clearly no way out. When she realized that I was done talking, she stormed away.

This episode really upset me. I felt so helpless. I know that I’m not the only kid or teen that’s been a this sort of situation. Basically, if you admit that you did whatever it is that you’re being accused of, then you are considered guilty and could face consequences that you don’t deserve. But if you say that you didn’t do it, then you are considered to be disrespectful of authority and adults. When I realized there was really no way that I could get out of this predicament, I just needed a way to vent my anger. I decided to do something rather unusual: poetry.

I write poems to express my anger. They are not for anyone but me. I think that it is a constructive way to express negative feelings. Even though I may say bad things in the poems, it doesn’t matter because I’m the only one who sees them. Here’s an excerpt from the poem (almost a rap) that I wrote after the incident at the party.

What am I supposed to do
When an adult blames me for something I didn’t do
They’re blamin’ me
They’re shamin’ me
They’re framin’ me
Proclaiming me as a criminal
Subliminally marking me as a bad boy
Tippin’ me less than a bell boy
Like Imma decoy…

Maybe someday I’ll release the rest. So do you think that my method for coping with anger is a good one? If not, what do you do to vent when you’re really upset?

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