Art, Ice Cream, and Help for Hurricane Victims

By Oscar Wolfe

As you probably know, there has recently been a series of very unfortunate natural disasters. This sort of stuff can really make people feel helpless, especially kids. What can a kid possibly do?

Well, Max Romslo decided to take matters into his own hands. He is 8 years old and in third grade. He and his friend Anderson Wold asked their classmates and other kids to donate art, and they will sell it Sunday (Oct. 15) at Art and Ice Cream for Puerto Rico at Neighborhood Ice Cream Shoppe in Edina, Minn. All of the money, from the art and the ice cream, will go to the Hispanic Federation UNIDOS Disaster Relief Fund to help victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

It’s such a simple idea, and such a great way to raise money and awareness. I talked to Max and Anderson about their fundraiser.

Can you tell us about your event?

Kids are donating art. We’re going to have all the art that’s been donated set up on the walls of the Neighborhood Ice Cream Shoppe (owned by Anderson’s family). And all of the art and ice cream that gets sold will be money for Puerto Rico.

Where did you come up with the idea to do this?

My mom was like, “What can we do to help Puerto Rico?” And then she was like, “What could kids do?” And I was like, “Art. Yeah! We can do art!”

Do you really like art or was that just something you could do?

Something kids could do.

And what about ice cream?

Ice cream is gooooood.

What’s your favorite kind?

Probably Oreo.

What about you, Anderson?


What advice would you have for other kids who want to help but don’t know how?

I would just say pick up a pencil and just do anything on paper.

Event Details

Art can still be dropped off at Neighborhood Ice Cream Shoppe, 6137 Kellogg Ave., Edina (open 4-9 p.m.) Keep your art under 10×16 and unframed.

Art and Ice Cream for Puerto Rico takes place Sunday, Oct. 15, 4-7 p.m. Art by kids will be sold for $20 with all sales donated to UNIDOS Disaster Relief Fund. All ice cream sales will also be donated, courtesy of Neighborhood Ice Cream Shoppe.


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