10 New Things To Try in 2018

By Oscar Wolfe

It’s a new year, and things are looking up! Resolutions seem to be mostly about things you want to stop, so I made a list of things I want to start. Here are 10 new things I want to try in 2018. I hope you’ll make your own list and share it! #10totry2018

1. Travel to more exotic and exciting places. Since different cultures really interest me, I think making travel a higher priority would be good for me in 2018.

2. Get involved in politics. I have been closely following politics for a few years now. This year, with midterm elections coming up, I would like to find a candidate to get behind and maybe work or volunteer for them.

3. Learn how to cook more types of eggs. I absolutely love all types of eggs (except for fertilized). But, I can only make scrambled and sunny-side-up. I want to make more types, like hard-boiled and even deviled.

4. Learn how to actually ice skate. It kills me that I’m a Minnesotan and I can barely ice skate. Yeah, I can manage to go in a few circles after an hour, but I want to really learn how to skate.

5. Watch a scary-ish movie. When it comes to scary movies, I just can’t. I only got 15 minutes into the Hunger Games and I had to turn it off. So in 2018, I’d like to get over my fears.

6. Eat more kale. I’m a vegetarian, and I know I need to try more vegetables. Everyone is always talking about how amazing kale is. Even though it’s in my garden, I’ve only had a little taste. I want to change that.

7. Start buying stocks. I love numbers and analyzing them. That makes the stock market a perfect fit for me. But, it was never worth it because I never had any money to invest. Well, I’ve been saving up (having a Bar Mitzvah helped), and now, it just might be worth it.

8. Read Lord of the Rings. My dad is a total geek when it comes to this sort of stuff. He read The Hobbit to me when I was younger, and he’s been bugging me about Lord of the Rings ever since. So, Dad, it finally paid off: I’ll read it.

9. Use more stress-decreasing tools. I’ve done a post about stress before. I want to really start using the mechanisms in that post, and elsewhere, to help me decrease my stress. This could help me balance all of my extracurriculars.

10. Bring the Wolfean Empire to greatness. For a school project, we had to learn more about something we’re interested in. I, loving government, decided to create my own. The Wolfean Empire has a constitution, land, citizens, and more. If you are interested in becoming a citizen, you can email wolfeanempire@gmail.com or contact me contact.

I’d love to hear some new things that you want to try in 2018!


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