Unsubscribed: How Logan Paul’s Mistakes Made Me a Smarter YouTube Viewer

By Oscar Wolfe

I begged my parents for Maverick merchandise by Logan Paul. Now I won’t wear it in public.

In case you don’t know about the whole Logan Paul situation, I’ll explain it here. Logan Paul is a very popular vlogger. He films daily videos chronicling his life on YouTube, with over 15 million subscribers. Recently, he has been under very heavy criticism for posting a video of a man who had recently committed suicide in the Aokigahara Forest in Japan, also known as the Japanese Suicide Forest. Logan was planning to camp overnight in the forest, when he stumbled upon the body. Here’s what I think about this whole mess.

First of all, I just want to say that what Logan did is very wrong and I do not defend it in any way. There were so many things that Logan could have done differently. But he didn’t. He didn’t have film it. He didn’t have to post it. And he certainly didn’t need to include the body in the thumbnail. He still could have made his daily vlog. It’s not that hard to edit the footage out. He could have called the police and taken care of the situation off-camera. Then he could have started a new vlog somewhere else. He even could have talked about it, but he didn’t need to show it.

But now that I’ve said all this, you’re probably wondering why I was one of his fans. Well, he’s entertaining. His videos are very rarely serious. They are normally very fun and lighthearted. I did not watch him to find inspiration or a role-model, I watched him to be entertained.

I know that some parents, mine included, are now rethinking how they let their kids watch YouTube. Well, I think that that is totally unnecessary. First of all, there is plenty of good stuff on YouTube. For instance, AsapScience, Vsauce, and Veritasium are YouTube channels dedicated to learning about science. Studio C and Saturday Night Live do great comedy. And Dude Perfect does all sorts of amazing stunts. It wouldn’t be worth it to put limits on this amazing pool of creativity because of one person’s mistake.

If there’s anything positive I’ve taken from this experience, it’s to be a more vigilant viewer. I’ve talked about this a lot with my parents, who were upset that I didn’t immediately tell them about the disturbing Logan Paul video when I saw it. This video was completely out of the ordinary. It surprised me, a former regular viewer. Also, I am now able to be more critical of what I see, without blindly assuming what it will be. And I’m going to do more research on vloggers or other social media stars before ever again buying merchandise just because they (usually) make funny videos.

What do you think about Logan Paul and his video? Do your parents put limits on your YouTube viewing? Who are your favorite YouTubers? Comment, please! 

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