Math + Super Bowl = One Great Event

By Oscar Wolfe

Quadratics or football?

I’m willing to bet that if given the choice, most kids would pick football—even the ones who don’t love sports. In the real world, math is extremely important. But if kids don’t like it, then how are they supposed to learn it? Well, that’s where ACES comes in. ACES, which stands for Athletes Committed to Educating Students, is an organization that gets kids excited about math through sports. They provides learning experiences for low-income students grades 4-8. With the Super Bowl coming up this week in Minneapolis, where ACES is based, I talked to ACES about three great ways to combine math with sports.

  1. Build your own stadium. To do this, you’ll have to use architectural skills to design and create the best stadium possible. And, if you want to take it a level higher, make activities outside the stadium, like Super Bowl Live for instance.
  2. Add up your throwing accuracy. For this one, create a target. Then, throw a baseball, football, or some other ball at it. Finally, calculate just how good of a thrower you really are.
  3. Calculate players’ stats. While watching any sort of game, you can figure out all sorts of things about players. For example, the ratio of a quarterback’s completed throws to all his throws. Or, the percentage of times a batter make it on base when he hits the ball.

This all makes it clear that math can go a lot further than a textbook. If you want to learn more or support the cause, ACES, is hosting a Celebrity Superbowling fundraiser on Saturday, Feb. 3 that sounds absolutely great. Former NBA player Trent Tucker hosts an afternoon of bowling, bocce ball, and kid-friendly games at Pinstripes . Pro athletes, sports mascots, and media personalities are expected to attend, including Chad Greenway, BJ Armstrong, and Michele Tafoya. It’s $50 per ticket, and all the money goes to support ACES. Hope to see you there!

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