5 Great Reads for Middle School

I never have enough books to read. Sophia Hart, a sixth grader at Plymouth Middle School, has a great Instagram account, @sophies_book_corner, where she reviews books. So here are five of her favorites.—Oscar

By Sophia Hart

I started my Instagram account because I absolutely love reading and I am always stunned when other people don’t enjoy it as well. One of the reasons I thought that they didn’t like reading was because they just haven’t found the right book and amazing characters that you love and hate. When I go into a library, I love feeling all the knowledge filled into these books and so much magic, and I just want others to feel that sensation as well. Books are truly magical and the one improvement that they could have is if they were tear-proof because there have been so many times where I have had to stop reading because of how sad or happy it was. They are truly magical portals that we are able to hold in our hands, and we can just start reading and forget about our huge world. There have been so many times when I was mad about something, and I just started reading and forgot all about it. Books are truly my life and I am trying to get more books into the world by me also writing my own books.

1. The School For Good and Evil

The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani is an amazing book for ages 9+. Every four years, two pre-teens to teens get kidnaped, and years later, they are found in fairy tale books. This year, best friends Sophie and Agatha are destined to discover where all the children go. Sophie, being the most beautiful girl in their town of Gavaldon, has waited and waited for the night she will be kidnaped and go to the school for good. Agatha on the other hand has black hair and dislikes almost everyone she meets, so she seems like the perfect fit for the school for evil. But when the two end up switching schools—Agatha in the school for good and Sophie is in the school for evil—what will happen? Why were their fortunes swapped? Why are they in the wrong school? Read to find out!

2. Serafina and the Black Cloak

Serafina and the Black Cloak by Robert Beatty is a great book for ages 9+. Serafina lives in the basement of Biltmore estate with her Dad, without anyone knowing. Her dad has told her never to go into the deep parts of the forest and to not let people see her. She has never had a reason to disobey—until children start disappearing and she is the only person who knows why: The man in the black cloak who roams the halls at night. Following her own narrow escape of the man, she joins forces with Braden Vanderbilt, the nephew of the owners of Biltmore. Will Braden and Serafina find out who is the man in the black cloak is before all the children disappear? Read to find out! This book is beautifully written with essence of magic interwound and magical characters that you will love!

3. The Lightning Thief: Percy Jackson and the Olympians

The Lightning Thief: Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan is a wonderful book for ages 9+, but is truly wonderful for all ages! Percy Jackson has trouble staying in one school for a long time with his ADHD and dyslexia and it doesn’t help that Greek mythological monsters keep on coming for Percy. But to add on to that, he has angered the king of the Greek Gods Zeus. Zeus’s master lightning bolt has been taken and the God thinks Percy stole it. With his friends he has ten days to find and give Zeus’s master lightning bolt back. Will he get the lightning bolt back? Did he actually steal it? Read to find out!

4. The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games  by Suzanne Collins is fantastic for ages 11+, set in the future where North America lives the Nation of Panem. The beautiful capital is surrounded by 12 districts. Every year each district has to give the capital one boy and one girl from the ages of 12 and 18 to go to an arena and fight to the death. But to add on to that, it is broadcast on live TV. Katniss is only sixteen years old she lives in District 12 with her sister and mother. But when her sister is picked she steps forward to take her place as a tribute. For Katniss, survival is habitual. Will Katniss die or win? Read to find out!

5. Divergent

Divergent by Veronica Rothis perfect for ages 12+. It’s the future in New York and the population is divided into five factions. Abnegation is all about selflessness. Erudite are all about knowledge. Candor is truth. Amity is peace. Then there’s Dauntless, the protectors. When you are 17, you choose your faction. Beatrice Prior was Abnegation but chooses dauntless. But she is also divergent, which means she is more then just one faction and that is considered dangerous. She must learn to hide who she truly is. Can she hide who she truly is? Will she survive? Read to find out!

Follow Sophia for more great book ideas, and feel free to share yours right here!


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