Should Parents Restrict YouTube Viewing? Teens Weigh In

By Oscar Wolfe

After the whole Logan Paul fiasco, my whole family started thinking about restrictions on social media—but more specifically, YouTube. My parents don’t really have very strict rules for YouTube with me. They trust me to make good decisions, in other words, not to watch anything that I obviously shouldn’t be watching. I agree with this philosophy because it gives me enough freedom to make my own decisions but I also know that they’re watching me, and if I were to make a bad decision, the rules would certainly be reconsidered. I decided to take the question to my peers. So I asked a bunch of 12 and 13 year olds:

Do your parents put restrictions on your YouTube viewing? If so, do you think that they are fair?

Yes. “[My parents have restrictions], but they’re not very strict. I think the restrictions should depend on the age of the viewer. If a viewer is 18, then they should be allowed to watch videos with profanity or others inappropriate content. But with an 8 year old, parents should monitor more strictly.” — Wesley, favorite YouTube channel: TheOdd1sOut

Yes. “My parents have restrictions on time and content. I’m not allowed to watch videos with profanity or adult themes. Or allowed to have it for the majority of the day. I think the restrictions depend on the age and maturity of the viewer.”—Sydney, favorite YouTubers: Mr.Kate, Rosanna Pansino, My CupCake Addiction

No. “We don’t really have restrictions. Yes, I think there should be more rules—like at a certain time, the YouTube has to go off so we can focus on homework or something important. Or that you should be limited to little to no violent videos.”—Charlie, favorite YouTube channel: Heather Rooney or BuzzFeedVideo

Yes. “My parents restrictions are nothing sexual or super inappropriate and other stuff like that. 2 hours max. I think the restrictions should be just like my parents because they seems pretty fair.”—Theo

Yes. “My parents don’t really have any restrictions on my YouTube watching, but they expect me to watch what they consider appropriate. If I could choose my restrictions I would still choose what I have now because I am perfectly fine with these restrictions, and I believe that they perfectly balance my responsibilities and my parents.”—Daniel, favorite YouTube channel: AsapScience or anything relating to comedy

No. “My parents don’t really have any restrictions on my YouTube watching, they just don’t want me to watch too much of it everyday. I’ll admit, I watch way too much YouTube a day.”—Joe, favorite YouTube channel: Casey Neistat (“a vlogger who focuses on the artistic part of filmmaking, and he doesn’t do stupid things like Logan Paul.”)

No. “My parents don’t really have any restrictions on my YouTube watching except that they don’t want me watching anything really inappropriate, but other than that, no. What I think should be restricted on YouTube is content that is very inappropriate for younger users.”—Aidan, favorite YouTube channels: Liza Koshy, Liza Koshy Too, Ellen, MsMojo, and GloZell Green

What do you think? Parents, teens: I’d love to hear from you! 


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