Summer Resolutions

By Oscar Wolfe

Most people make New Year’s resolutions. But I personally think that summer is really a better line to draw for resolutions—finally, some downtime! So without further ado, here are my summer resolutions for 2018.

1. Stop Procrastinating

One thing that I need to work on this summer is my procrastination. A lot of the time, when I start something, I don’t fini…

2. Get Political

I became a volunteer for the Dean Phillips for Congress campaign this year, but due to my busy school schedule, I wasn’t really able to help much. So I hope I can do more volunteering in politics this summer.

3. Debate

I love to debate. I’m even going to do a class at Macalester College just to become a better debater. So I guess this resolution is just to get better at debating.

4. Work

I want to work. I’m at the age where finding jobs is hard, but not impossible. I think that this summer is going to be a great opportunity to find some jobs. One that I’ve already found is working at the concession stand during my brother’s baseball games.

5. Read Novels

Since I really love cold hard facts, a lot of what I read ends up being nonfiction. Because of this, I don’t really get to read many real stories. So this summer I would like to read some novels, instead of just nonfiction.

6. Parlez Vous Francais

One more thing on my list: practice French. When my grandparents took me to Quebec (see photo!) in the first week of summer as a Bar Mitzvah gift, it was the perfect (or should I say parfait) opportunity.

What are YOUR summer resolutions? Comment down below! And if one of your resolutions is to write more, let me know! We’re looking for more That is Great correspondents.


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One thought on “Summer Resolutions

  1. My resolution is to spend more time with my 16 year old since I’m very aware she won’t live in our house for too much longer and I’m going to miss seeing her everyday. I’m also working on my German, and hanging out with my mom more. I’m also crushing eating vegetables at every meal including breakfast.


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