Great TV Shows No Longer on the Air

By Oscar Wolfe

There aren’t that many good TV shows that air during the summer, so to find quality TV while I had free time, I had to go back—way back. I watched some of the best shows no longer on TV.

The Office

Even though this show isn’t that old, (It ended in 2013.) it’s still old enough that most kids and teens didn’t watch it when it was on the air. In the extremely small chance that you don’t know what The Office is about, it’s about a bunch of (mostly incompetent) people working at a failing paper company. And let’s just say a lot goes down. It may be the funniest and best-written comedy I’ve ever seen.

Malcolm in the Middle

This is the sort of thing that my dad shows me. Malcolm in the Middle went off the air in 2006. It’s about a very dysfunctional family: Dewey, the little one that gets away with everything, Malcolm, the child genius who is still treated like every other middle child, Reese, the school bully, Francis, the “bad boy” oldest brother that all the other ones look up to, Hal, the dad who never really grew up, and Lois, the overbearing and slightly crazy mom. This show is always edgy, but not too edgy.


I would assume that most people would know Glee, considering it went off the air pretty recently, in 2015. Glee is about exactly what it sounds like, a glee club. The music is absolutely amazing. However each season is a bit worse than the one before it. I would suggest watching the first 3 seasons, they’re all really good. It covers all sorts of very real topics for teens that weren’t really talked about at all on any big TV shows before it.


Scrubs finished in 2010. I’ve just started this show but I already love it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sitcom that shows so many different emotions in 20 minutes. It will make you laugh hysterically while also showing the harsh realities of life. It doesn’t shy away from important topics, often serious topics. I guess that you could say that it’s seriously funny. I’m sorry for the pun I couldn’t resist.

What’s your favorite old TV show?


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