Escape Artists: A Review of the New Mia App

By Oscar Wolfe and Leela Moon

The Minnesota Institute of Art made a new app called Riddle Mia This. My friend Leela and I had a great time trying it out last weekend.


The app takes the experience of looking at art for hours, (an experience which most kids don’t particularly enjoy) and turns it into an exciting, enigmatic, enjoyable experience.

Basically, once you download the app, you get a message that there is a device located in the museum. This device, planted by a radical art group, will shut down all electronic devices if you do not stop it in time. Through a series of riddles (all involving the art) located all throughout the museum, you will (hopefully) succeed in whatever mission you have decided to go on.

I definitely suggest it for anyone planning on going to Mia who wants a new, different experience—especially if you plan on going with kids. My only criticism is that some riddles are pretty difficult— however, hints are offered in the app. Good luck!

Leela’s take:


Mia has a new way to experience the museum in a mystery solving journey. It was kind of like a scavenger hunt, except you use an app on your phone. Different clues direct you to various parts of the museum. I was in an area of the museum I didn’t know existed and saw things I have never seen before.

Between Oscar, my mom, and me, it took us an hour and a half to complete the journey and it really helped that we worked as a team. My favorite part of the museum was discovering these amazing kimonos in the Japanese section. The best part was hanging around in a cool place with my friend.

Riddle Mia This is available for free download in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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