How Old is Too Old to Trick-Or-Treat?

By Oscar Wolfe

Recently, my friend Theo and I got into a little argument about what we should do this year for Halloween. I was positive that at 14 years old, we were too old to trick or treat. I feel that 13 is the last year that you can get away with acting like a kid. By the time you’re 14, you should be acting like a teenager, not a child. And, to be perfectly honest, I don’t really think that adults appreciate teenage trick-or-treaters. But Theo was positively positive that we could and should still trick-or-treat this year. Then another one of my friends, Aidan, jumped in to agree with Theo. So, I decided to ask some other teens about the maximum age for trick or treating.

“There’s nothing wrong with it. You know, candy is candy.” —Isaac

“I think the oldest you can be to trick or treat is 14, because you are still sort of considered a kid because most people are still in middle school/ junior high at that age, and you don’t really have responsibilities yet, like driving or whatnot.” —Marit

“I think the last age to go trick or treating is 14. Although, in my opinion, it also depends how tall you are. I feel that way because Halloween is mostly for little kids.” —Sydney

“14-15 is a good age. It’s not super weird to do it older than that, but not as many people will be out there.” —Fritz

“Because if you go any older, then you would be going at a later time, but most houses stop around 8 p.m. And it would be kind of weird to be trick or treating at 16+.” —Theo

“When you get your driver’s license, so around 16-17, because you can just drive and buy candy.” —Harrison

“I think that the age limit for trick-or-treating is around 17 years old, because once you reach that age it’s kind of weird going house to house begging for candy, being really tall and old. And also, you’re never too young for it, it’s free candy! Who doesn’t love candy? The only reason you think you grow out of it is probably because you’re just too lazy or you’re ‘too cool’ for it. I don’t care, I love candy!” —Aidan

“I personally think that you should stop trick-or-treating when you get to college. I feel like when you are in high school and younger it’s just really fun to dress up go to parties and get candy.” —Kylie

What do YOU think? Comment your opinion on how old is too old to trick or treat.

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