That is Great is a place to talk about all kinds of stuff that is great, and relevant to kids, and probably their parents too. Oscar does the writing. His mom helps with editing, and occasionally reminds him to finish the writing, which isn’t the greatest thing, but it is real life.

Oscar Wolfe is 14 years old and in the 8th grade. He has one 10-year-old brother. He is crazy about musicals. He has memorized large portions of musicals such as Les Miserables, West Side Story, Oliver!, and most recently, Hamilton. He also enjoys acting and has appeared in numerous youth and community theater productions. Oscar would love to become a politician when he grows up but his obsession with quantum and astrophysics makes him think that he may be a scientist as a side hobby. He is also a published author. When he was four years old he learned to climb his first pole. His push-up record is 102. He deeply wishes that his parents would let him get a dog. He would love to take over the world after he has finished his second term as president. (Which he may actually do because he studied military strategy. So watch out).


Allison (Ali) Kaplan is editor in chief of Twin Cities Business magazine and host of the radio program Shop Girls on myTalk107.1. But mostly, she’s Oscar and Ezra’s mom.She likes to go for bike rides and play tennis and watch Master Chef Junior with her kids. She loves to eat popcorn and Jelly Bellies (sometimes, together) and has memorized all the words to several Nicki Minaj raps. Friends call her Ali, so you can too. She does not know why her parents put two “L’s” in Allison but only one in Ali. That’s just the way it is.